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Specification:Material: AluminumWeight: 2.2g(pcs) without screwsScrew:M2.5X8=4pcsPackage included:2pcs x Tripod Connector L shape..
$10.19     $11.99
Specification: Material: Aluminum Weight: 2.2g(pcs) without screws Screw:M2.5X10=1pcs M2.5X6=1pcs Package included: 2pcs x Tripod Connector..
$10.19     $11.99
Specification: Item name: Tripod Tee Joint Material: Aluminum Weight: 21.2g Applicable pipe diameter: 16 to 16mm Mixer screw M4 Package included: 1pcs x Tripod Tee Joint..
$27.19     $31.99
Specification: Item name: Tripod Tee Joint Material: High hardness aluminum alloy Size: 20mm to 16mm Weight: About 16.5g/pcs Size: 20mm to 20mm Weight: About 19.5g/pcs Package included: 1pcs x Tripod Tee Joint..
$27.19     $31.99
Material:Aluminum AlloySize:12 to 10mm weight:3.5g Size:16mm weight:9.2gSize:16 to 10mm weight:7.2gSize:16 to 12mm weight:7.3gSize:20mm weight:10.3gSize:22 to 16mm weight:11.5gSize:25mm weight:18.3gSize:25 to 16mm weight:15.2gSize:25 to 20mm weight:17.8gSize:30mm weight:26.2gSize:30 to 25mm weight:2..
$20.39     $23.99
Material:Aluminum Alloy Size:20 to 16mm weight:10g Size:25 to 16mm weight:14.5g Color: Black Includes: 1 Pcs Aluminum Alloy Tee Tripod Joint Connector..
$17.84     $20.99
Applicable pipe diameter: 16mm Weight: 14g Applicable pipe diameter: 20 to 25mm Weight: 21.7g Screw :M3 Material: aluminum..
$22.94     $26.99
carbon tube mounting center hole spacing is 149mm weight: 14.11g carbon tube mounting center hole spacing is 155mm weight: 15.82g Applicable diameter: 12mm Mixer screw M3 material: aluminum alloy process: CNC high precision equipment from the processing Package included: 1pcs gimbal mountin..
$27.19     $31.99
Specification:Material:CNC aluminum alloyColor:blackWeight:33.9gSuitable for 20mm carbon fiber tube Package included:1*connection piece..
$13.59     $15.99
Product use: Suitable for plant protection, aerial photography UAV frame scaffold connection, and other T-type connection, connection mode needs to open screw holes on the corresponding pipe. weight:29.5g  matching screw: M3x12 2pcs + M3x25 1pcsPackage Included: 1x Aluminum ..
$21.24     $24.99
Technical Parameters: Applicable pipe diameter: 30mm Matching screw: M4x50 2pcs + M4 nut 2pcs Weight: 32g Height 40mm * Width 45mm * Thickness 8mm *Pitch 36mm   Applicable pipe diameter: 40mm Matching screw: M4x60 2pcs + M4 nut 2pcs Weight: 39g Heigh..
$11.89     $13.99
Specification: Material: aluminum alloy Inner diameter:40mm,suitable for 40mm carbon tube use Weight:40.9g  Package: 1pcs x clamp..
$21.24     $24.99
Material: aluminum alloy weight:20mm/4.6g,25mm/5g,30mm/6g Agricultural plant protection drone water pipe and arm carbon fiber pipe fixing pipe clamp,Can fix water pipes with an outer diameter of 8mm Package includes:1pcs x aluminum alloy pipe clamps..
$6.79     $7.99
Technical Parameters:Applicable pipe diameter: 16mmWeight: 3.1g (without screws)Height 20mm * Width 27mm * Thickness 5mm * Pitch 22mm  Applicable pipe diameter: 20mmWeight: 4.2g (without screws)Height 24mm * Width 32mm * Thickness 5mm * Pitch 26mm  Applicable pipe diameter: 22mmW..
$6.79     $7.99
Specification: Item name: Connecting Pipe Clip Material: High hardness aluminum alloy Applicable pipe diameter: 35mm Weight: 77.3g Package included:1pcs x pipe clip..
$59.49     $69.99
30mm weight: 72.01gApplicable diameter: 30mmMixer screw M3taterial: aluminum alloy 35mm weight: 76.85gApplicable diameter: 35mmMixer screw M3material: aluminum alloy 40mm weight: 106.7gApplicable diameter: 40mmMixer screw M3material: aluminum alloy  Package included:1pcs *  ..
$48.44     $56.99
Specification: Item name: Pipe Clip Material: High hardness aluminum alloy Applicable pipe diameter: 35mm Height: 43mm Width: 54mm Thickness: 38mm Center hole distance: 45mm Screws M4/M3 Weight: 69g Applicable pipe diameter: 40mm Height: 49mm&nb..
$47.59     $55.99
Material:  Aluminum AlloyColor: BlackWeight: 12.95gPackage included:1 x  20mm diameter landing gear fixed connector holde..
$17.84     $20.99
Weight for 1set 25x38mm tube clamp + motor mount:49.7gWeight for 1set 20x30mm tube clamp + motor mount:42.5gPackage include:2pcs x Motor Mount2pcs x Carbon Fiber Tube ClampNote:Our products are parts and need to be assembled by yourself!..
$33.14     $38.99
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